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Pier bambinoMusician, painter, writer and "archeologist", born in Franciacorta, citizen of the world, Pier expanded his personal artistic experience thanks to his many travels; journeys he still holds as the most valid and actual mean to meet, know and share cultures and traditions of this fantastic planet. Classic organist on his early teens, studied Ancient and Gregorian Music. In 1965 e 1966 was conductor of  a poliphonic choir and while studying in the University kept the learning of pianoforte as autodidact and fell in love with some fantastic masters: D. Buxteude, Domenico Scarlatti and G.F. Handel as well as the great G. Frescobaldi and all composers of late '500 renaissance from the musical schools of Venezia and Roma. 

Sensible changes occur with the meeting and discovery of innovative music in 1965. The new sound, the great freedom of expression, new pattern of language and creativity started fascinating experiences in a constant evolutions and activities becoming very actual in music, painting and writing and by interaction with diffferent new artistic languages. A very true "liberation" without the need to renounce, actually validating, all the best tradition of music and arts in general. It could be said that those were the days in which the awakening and rediscovery of aesthetical  and artistic values, formerly reserved only to few, became suddenly  free, visible and available to everybody.

His musical career as a rock keyboardist started in 1967: his first band were the KKK of Erbusco (BS). It was thanks  to their vitality and simplicity that a real interest arose for the discovery of the various styles from abroad. Following that came the adventure with CLUB 76  of  Brescia, where he was able to perfect his keyboardist style and technology. Lastly it was with the historical and magic J.B. CLUB of Brescia that in 1969 he became well accomplished as a pro keyboardist.

It dates from that period the acquisition of long dreamed and mythical Hammond A 100 organ, still today a pefect and unequalled sonorous universe, along with the great satisfaction to see his beloved instrument played by Jimmy Smith in a concert at Teatro Lirico of Milano (December 1969).

Pier SardPier KukiFrom 1970 he is performing on his Hammond with a very great and creative rock band: Salis 'n Salis, the brothers Francesco e Tonietto Salis of Santa Giusta (Oristano), Sardegna. With them he did a big number of tours and recorded an album (Sa vida ita est - Produttori Associati, 1971). This album, with Paolo Gerardini at drums, is a unique experience both on the inspirational and quality level of performing and rendition, inspite the fact it never came to the final mix level. The experience with Salis was also a unique occasion to discover the extraordinary spell of sardinian tradition and to learn and speak their language. The discovery of a magical pearl in the Mediterranean Sea. It dates of this period his meeting with the epic universe of J.R. Reuel Tolkien, a unverse that inspired most of his creative production as an artist and traveller.

At the beginning of 1972 comes the decision for a change, the need to evolve and to move towards new territories of research and artistic experimentation.

The very first long  travel came about with the Fall of 1972: India, Pakistan, Afganistan, Iran, and Turchia. The very unique chance tokabul meet and discover the artistic and creative traditions of those lands. Odd and untold adventures occurred including ending up as a pianist at the Bombay Film Studios (winter 1972) or as piano teacher for the childrens of the diplomatics located in the Kabul embassies, in Afganistan (spring 1973). This adventurous trip provided exclusive opportunity to meet and discover the still available magic and exotic taste of those far away lands, just in time before the very changes that occured there at the end of '70s. Meeting the traditions, the artistic and musical chromatism of those cultures had a deep effect on the aesthetic universe of Pier, and already in India, he turned to a new way of painting by giving more life to the colors as central elements and transposing this same concept in his extemporary musical improvvisations and compositions: here the color, both in painting and music, moves beyond the rhythm and lines becomig an "alive resonant spot ". Drawings of the time.

His coming back from Far East is coincident with the discovery of Candy Rainbow Postage, an extraordinary artistic project by the Agarbathi group located in Brescia (north of Italy), being Agarbathi an underground movement of eclectic artists, rather unique and equipped with a great freedom of invention, and with whom he starts a creative adventure, still running today, distinguished by spectacular events. It is thanks to Gian Paolo Tirale, the Agarbathi's leader, that Pier discovers the beginning tecnic of his paintings on the back of glass and cristal later called Frammenti di Andromeda (Andromeda's Fragments).

vienna bluHere Pier started to get involved in different artistic projects with different objectives and artistic partners, among them : Athenagora Grappini & I Manarini Elettrici, Jonathan Seagull,Lack Laser, Tom Bombadil in the while he increased his creative production with a new series of paintings.

pier piano72Since 1975 he also got very interested in the study and application of writings and discoveries of the writer and philosofer L. Ron Hubbard  in the field of communication, study, arts and aesthetics and the role of arts in the society and life.

The '80s and '90 are dedicated to new different musical projects from Piano Solo, to Orpheus, Kissmymule and Celtic Spell. In this time period is the meeting with new artists and musicians: most significant the flutist Andrea Ortu, the pianist Silvia Leggio, Paola Piasentin, Silvia Salvadori, the Irish guitarist and singer Mike O'Callaghan.

Now research and creation moves to new projects of piano-solo and the very intense cooperation with flutist Andrea Ortu with a lot of creativity, concerts, compositions, experimentation and recording also in artistic happening while the whole game comes into the creation, beginnng of 1990, with the concert season Concerti del Sabato Sera (Saturday Evening Concerts), in the  Salone dei Frammenti in Novara. This concert season rises to a significant moment during five years and hosts a vast numbers of musicians from all over Italy and abroad with programs staging pianists, guitarists, singers, quartets, traditional music and experimental moments.

barca bluThe Saturday Evening Concerts had the purpose to recreate the atmosphere of 8th century lounges and eventually became a very expansive project with most of the artists getting involved and appearing in concerts and happening at Monteisola Arts Festival. The Saturday Evening Concerts at a time expanded staging also in the Arts Atelier of set designer Domenico Franchi in Brescia. And there Pier started his contribution to the creation of the Arts Association Orizzonti Aperti (Open Horizons) and with this  very creative team he gave life and leading to seven editions of the Arts Festival Sui Sentieri della Fantasia (on the Paths of Fantasy) in the magic landascape of Monte Isola, an extraordinary  aesthetic breach on the Lago d'Iseo (Brescia). Very intense and in number the many artistic representations with the artists of Orizzonti Aperti in Italy and abroad. A rather significant caracteristic of this experience is the deep interest for the aesthtetics and spirituality of some artistis: J.R.R. TolkienWassily Kandinsky e Franz Marc.

The musical projects with flutist Andrea Ortu, a great part oriented to live sessions of total improvvisation (without any preestablished pattern or agreement) as well as the revisitation of Baroque music which are performed with amplified flute and elctronic keyboards (no sequencers!) on a very personal "sound-melange" of great effect. This musical project is properly named Timebandits. On top of the many live concerts two album got released and some live concerts recording do exist. Among the live concerts, the Hobbiton Concert (in Tolmezzo, to celebrate Tolkien's saga) with music inspired to charcaters and locations of Tolkien's saga and the music for the Arts Project "Appunti di Viaggio nell'Immaginario" of set designer Domenico Franchi.

Pier has also got more and more interest in collecting photo of flowers which he actually shoots during the different seasons of the year in his and his sister's gardens and during his journeys in Far East. This has led to a big collection: many of his flowers photo has been publish by leading italian magazines of floricultural sector.Flowers photo collection.

The two released album:

Blu andreaTime's Deception (Ludimagister 01/Timebandits) a selection of twenty tracks with music from Baroque to Irish traditionals. This album also features a magic rendition of a Chick Corea composition and, world first recording, a work from English composer W. Croft.

Instant Creations (Ludimagister 02/Timebandits) fourteen tracks of full extemporary improvvisations featuring the great communication between the two musicians. Many of the tracks are dedicated to J.R.R. Tolkien. Some titles: Gandalf, Gondolin e Valar.

Tolkien in Music, (Ludimagister 04/Timebandits) is the Live Concert for Hobbiton which established an epical moment of meeting between music and story telling inspired to Tolkien's saga. This musical project rised an extraordinary interest and was described as "Fantasy MusicScaping". 

The Blu Rider, (Ludimagister 03/Pier Paderni), is a eight parts Suite that Pier improvised on his Hammond Organ A 100 to celebrate the fifty anniversary  of his faboulous organ.

Rivendell Tales, (Ludimagister 05/Pier Paderni), a collection of improvised tracks inspired by the names of the Tolkien's saga. Most of the traks are pure improvisation. To simulate the sound of arps Pier did use an Arpsikorg... all to discover.

Off Limits, (Ludimagister 06/Pier Paderni) anthology of solo piano. In this anthology there are four compositions of pianist Diana Hubbard, rivised by Pier, several instant created musical portraits for people of the audience, a set of improvised moments.


"ANDROMEDA PROJECT" with CHICK COREA - a set of free improvisations

Available only here: magisterludi08@gmail.com

 "AMAZING KEYS" The new project with pianist and conductor MASSIMO GRECHI

 - New muscal works: https://andromedalibrary.org/dischi/live-in-paradise     https://andromedalibrary.org/dischi/pier-paderni-paths-to-improvisation-inglese 

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RITORNI - (December 2019) 

  PER ESSERE - (December 2020)


 BABILLIRIA, portale di universi - (December 2021)

  ANDROMEDA'S GILDA - Free Dreamers - (December 2022)

ANDROMEDA 0-8 LIBRARY - (March 2023)

The artistic adventure of Pier Paderni develops and continue with the painting of the Frammenti di Andromeda series, as well as with his poetry and essay, witness the two books of Orizzonti Aperti created with Arturo Croci for the edition of the two homonym Arts Festivals: Il Ritorno di Re Arcobaleno ( The Return of Raimbow King)Il Sogno di Icaro (The Dream Of Icarus).

His seminar "Lo spirituale nell'Arte" (The Spiritual in the Arts), inspired by the creative and aesthetical principles of W. Kandinsky  and L. Ron Hubbard, is a constant of communication and interaction both in Italy and abroad and creates a great effect every where is played like recently in England, Austria, Slovakia, Cekia, Hungary, Switzerland,Taiwan and Sweden. It is in this seminar-happening that Pier performs his Ritratti Musicali Estemporanei (Extemporary Musical Portraits), moments of musical improvvisation dedicated to people from audience who "poses" while their portrait gets musically created.

Timebandits concert at S. Maria Nova del Pilastrello, Vimodrone (MI)


 Bratislava (SK) Seminar-Happeninng "The Spiritual in the Arts" with musical portraits at Conservtaory


more musical portraits : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-DP1GMmYkaR23w5WXF8rHA/videos

"Timebandits' (Andrea Ortu-flute, Pier Paderni-Keyboards) digital remastering of its initial live Hobbiton performance of April 1995 is a "Beyond Age" symphonic poem compassed by the interpolation of narrative and tale musically colored in poetic Italian intonation, juxtaposed with multi-voiced organ resounding through time hollows across a myriad of ageless universes, and lifted to ethereal heights on the wings of impinging, winded flute. As though existence is immediately and intimately transposed with dream - dream more real than any object forged by hand or machine...dream that may be best described as pure essence of spirit uninterploated by and alloyed with matter, energy, space and time, the living breath of thought. To a magical place-Middle Earth- where perception is unfettered and free to move on its own will of whim, fancy and imagination, and with pinpoint accuracy give compass to the our living residence. And of his Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien must needs smile proudly to hear such a grandiose portrait, a tsunamic impulse swelling on aesthetic wave transporting us all." (Francis Don Daniels - Poet and writer)

" Your CD is beautifull: thanks for the nice rendition of My Spanish Heart ” (Chick Corea)

" Time Bandits: Time's deception. Pier Paderni and Andrea Ortu is giving their interpretation of timeless classical masterpieces by G.F. Telemann and G.F. Haendel and others, a total of 20 delightful tracks. You feel that your body relaxes and you want to shout that life is a wonderful piece of experience. What is life without music, it's empty and hollow. Time Bandits is a pretty proper name for someone that steals so obvious from our musical inheritage, but this two gentlemens steals with a certain style and elegance “. (Fortunecity)

" I have found "Instant Creations" and am enjoying it... It's wonderfully flowing music." (Chick Corea)

Pier Paderni and Andrea Ortu's CD "Instant Creations" creates a wonderful blend of improvised melodies and ambient backgrounds, evoking visionary soundscapes of fantasy and romanticism. The unhurried pace of the music transports the listener to a variety of emotional locations without becoming redundant or trite. The live unproduced quality of the recordings lends them an aura of authenticity and immediacy that is far too often missing from this kind of music.” (Chris Seeman)

"Your new CD Instant Creations is realy wonderfull, I'm listening it all the time...I was very, very moved by "Cohesion" which to me was the ultimate in total communication....the understanding between you and Andrea shone through brighter than the North Star and could not help but overflow my universe...the spiritual quality there is quite striking...thank you for sharing this remarkably spiritual music with me and bravo on turning out such a needed advancement in art.”  (Francis Don Daniels)

"This is incredible - when I read, see and listen to your artwork, I become a completely different person - you have the power to pull me out of the everyday life and make me perceive and be aware of different things and values! Andromeda is something magical for me. Thank you for that my friend and for having the honor to be included among those who receive your newsletter" (Ondrej Ersek, Slovakia)

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