Il ritorno di Re Arcobaleno


"...conspiracy  mysterious word, reach in meaning but rather neboulous... often simply unfitting.

Poor word, she really suffers: she also amidts the "misunderstood"...

"Conspiracy"  from latin "cum"-"spirare" :   "To breath with" or  "Breath together"

If you got tired to breath alone: CONSPIRE !

" The Watch Committe for Maintenance of Environmental and Mental Grey forbids reading this volume under sun, moon or artificial light. The non complying will be fined with five Galactic Credits and will have, at own expenses, to engrave their names on the piramid of Cheope". (C.W.M.E.M.G.-D.O.037756, Planet Earth, Sun 12) 

"Il Ritorno di Re Arcobaleno" reference text  of III°  Festival "Sui Sentieri della Fantasia" 

© Pier Paderni