Tolkien in music

Timebandits - Tolkien in music LIVE

Andrea Ortu traverso flute and keyboards

Pier Paderni piano and keyboards

Edoardo Sbaffi violoncello

Monica Malzani story teller

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"Timebandits' (Andrea Ortu-flute, Pier Paderni-Keyboards) digital remastering of its initial live Hobbiton performance of April 1995 is a "Beyond Age" symphonic poem compassed by the interpolation of narrative and tale musically colored in poetic Italian intonation, juxtaposed with multi-voiced organ resounding through time hollows across a myriad of ageless universes, and lifted to ethereal heights on the wings of impinging, winded flute. As though existence is immediately and intimately transposed with dream - dream more real than any object forged by hand or machine...dream that may be best described as pure essence of spirit uninterploated by and alloyed with matter, energy, space and time, the living breath of thought. To a magical place-Middle Earth- where perception is unfettered and free to move on its own will of whim, fancy and imagination, and with pinpoint accuracy give compass to the our living residence. And of his Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien must needs smile proudly to hear such a grandiose portrait, a tsunamic impulse swelling on aesthetic wave transporting us all." (Francis Don Daniels - Poet and writer)  - Original Live Recording © Pier Paderni

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Timebandits, Tolkien in music
Timebandits, Tolkien in music
Timebandits, Tolkien in music