...long time ago

“ ... long, long time ago, in the system of Shirach, 

the magic spaceship Andromeda disappeared in a black star.
Andromeda was the name of the starship
the most fascinating and fast flagship of the Universe,
a wonder of technical perfection and beauty.

The inside walls of that spaceship, made of special glass,
were decorated with big paintings representing enchanted sceneries
from the most beautiful provinces of the Universe:
a huge art gallery traveling
in the far distant systems and galaxies,
carrying a unique spell.

The visitors could admire the immense paintings
and, for each representation,
using special headphones were able to enjoy enchanting melodies:
musical frames for every specific scenery.

Andromeda with her melodies and paintings
created magical and incredible effects on all civilizations:
it is said that even many wars and conflicts
were solved after the responsible of those sufferings and misery
had visited the magic ship.

On 35 Vherash (name of the the month) , of 36 Diran (name of intergalactic year)
Andromeda sailing towards Albedo 12 (a planet)
fell into a black star and disappeared... “

a story or just a recall?...

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© Pier Paderni