Andromeda project

Andromeda Project - Corea/Paderni

Andromeda Project Session of improvisations with Chick Corea. An informal untold moment of free communication: huge space, no limits, no style, no pre organized patterns. The great experience of flying in the colors of free creations. Chick Corea is a giant genius of communication on top of his unparalleled greatness as pianist and composer.

Tolkien in music

Timebandits - Tolkien in music LIVE

Tolkien in music, live concert at Hobbiton, is the magic play with music which makes vibrate inner strings while imagination fly free. "...a tsunamic impulse swelling on aesthetic wave..." (F.Don Daniels)

Time's deception

Time's deception

From baroque to Chick Corea: the magic colors of music. "Time Bandits is a proper name for someone that steals from our musical inheritage,but this two gentlemens steals with a certain style and elegance “. ( Fortunecity)

Instant creations

Copertina CD Instant creations

The art of pure extemporary improvisation: creation and composition. "... it creates a wonderful blend of improvised melodies and ambient backgrounds, evoking visionary soundscapes of fantasy and romanticism..."(Chris Seeman)

The Blu Rider

Pier Paderni - Blu Rider Suite per Hammond

The Blu Rider, suite for Hammond A100 dedicated to W. Kandinsky. The extraordinary stops of Hammond A 100. "Improvisation... I would say the play of colors and nuances of this fabulous Hammond... great character, extraordinary invention..." (John D.)

Live in Paradise

Pier Paderni  - JB Club Live in Paradise

J.B. Club live in Paradise, Brescia, January 1970. From John Mayal to Traffic and Jethro Tull and improvisations. JB Club in the memory means great musical sessions with plenty of improvisations, blues and magic arrangements. This band has been the forerunner of laster major projects by some of its members: Mauro Pagani (Forneria Marconi), Pier Paderni (Salis 'n Salis), Mauro Pagani & Giorgio Cordini (Fabrizio de Andrè).

Kissmymule live

Pier Paderni  - Kissmymule Live in Franciacorta

Kissmymule Live in Irish Rock Live concert in Franciacorta (Brescia). The Arts Festival"On The Paths of Fantasy" has been the optimum arena unforgettable evening, board to the Iseo Lake, with the irish great repertoire of Kissmymule. And again if you don't dare to "kiss the mule" you may for sure like to listen to them. Try it!

Off limits - piano solos

Pier Paderni - piano solos

A collection of piano pieces exploring the route of piano improvisation by Pier Paderni... small extemporary moments and one of his "musical portraits". Slightly "out"... for those who would like an "out" moment. The very adventure of live concerts and extemportary improvvisations.

Sa vita ita est

Salis 'n Salis "Sa Vida Ita Est" Great inspiration and top quality creations and executions. From the very spirit of 60s. Unique quality in the voice of Tonietto Salis and in the many and extraordinary guitar solos of Francesco Salis, the Hammond organ of Pier Paderni with untold colors, the beautiful drums of Paolo Gerardini. La bellezza unica e sincera del suono analogico.

Rivendell Tales

Pier Paderni - Rivendell Tales

People, landscape, emotions, tensions, adventures: Tolkien's saga from Luthien to the Valar in an imaginary musical recounting in Rivendell and...not only harps! All galaxy is permeated by the saga... "...Rivendell Tales: a masterpiece... it opens a new slant on music... Arts in its purity. ... " (Trino Tirale -"King of Agarbatti")


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