J.R.R. Tolkien, W. Kandinsky e F. Marc


In my viewpoint the works and writings of W. Kandinsky and F. Marc have an ideal extension in Tolkien, who injected in his magic and epic narrations the values of aesthetics, the spiritual quality of art. Together they draw an arc with a message that travels over this century like a bridge and bring us into a new era: the very moment of victory of the Spirit over materialism, the way Kandinsky and Marc predicted it in 1912 in the pages of the Blu Rider. I personally feel the echo: like a melody it vibrates, pervades and gives hope to my dreams and creations. It is extraordinary to feel behind colors and forms or in between lines the presence of free spirits that freely communicate truth... echoes for each of us. If is true that often the singers of epic actions are the bards of the future, then I know the Era of Middle Earth is close to the end... the gentle breath of a new spring its already blowing. (Magisterludi)

This is the reference text of II°  Festival "Sui Sentieri della Fantasia"

© Pier Paderni