Musical Groups

I have been cooperating with many different musical groups: from the Poliphonic Choir I instructed and conducted for two years in my native village Provezze (Brescia), to the Alpini Choir I conducted for almost three years, or my first rock band. the KKK, Club 76, the JB Club, Salis 'n Salis, Celtic Spell, Timebandits and so forth, the sharing of creative moments has alwasy been the most beloved, as it was also a great chance to discover, learn and understand the value of communicatiion and the creative universe of others. To all of them, my precious partners, my special thanks and gratitude for having shared and participated in extraordinary experiences. All those experiences are still alive and well with me and my way to create music. Here is the chance to thank all the musicians and artists with whom I had the pleasure to copoperate. Thank you my friends!. And here some of the musical groups where I have "served" as keyboardist, guitar player, piano player or been leading in bold explorations and melodic and chromatic vicissitues... always multicolored.

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