Instant creations

Copertina CD Instant creations
  • Gondolin towers
  • Beijing summer palace
  • Scherzo # 7
  • Valar
  • Twilight on the lake
  • Byzantine
  • Cohesion
  • Remembering
  • Far away in Bagdad
  • Bamboostream
  • Andromeda's wind
  • Stella (Starlight)
  • Gandalf
  • A tale for Monica

Pier Paderni - Piano and Keyboards     Andrea Ortu - Traverso Flute

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"For your new work "Instant Creations" my very deep congratulations goes to your freshness and enthusiasm. The more I look at them the more they appear extraordinary! " (Giovanni Cappiello)

" Your new CD "Instant Creations" is realy wonderful, I'm listening it all the time...I was very, very moved by "Cohesion" which to me was the ultimate in total communication....the understanding between you and Andrea shone through brighter than the North Star and could not help but overflow my universe...the spiritual quality there is quite striking...thank you for sharing this remarkably spiritual music with me and bravo on turning out such a needed advancement in art.”  (Francis Don Daniels)

“Pier Paderni and Andrea Ortu's CD, "Instant Creations," creates a wonderful blend of improvised melodies and ambient backgrounds, evoking visionary soundscapes of fantasy and romanticism. The unhurried pace of the music transports the listener to a variety of emotional locations without becoming redundant or trite. The live unproduced quality of the recordings lends them an aura of authenticity and immediacy that is far too often missing from this kind of music.” (Chris Seeman)

"Full artist, lover of fantastic, Pier Paderni did it again: this time he is showing up with his new cd "Instant creations". Fourteen very great tracks of his musical project Timesbandits (Andrea Ortu- Traverso Flute, Pier Paderni - Keybaords, Arturo Croci lyrics), with some incursion in the Tolkenian universe." (YORIK - Fantastico & Musica)       © Ludimagister 002 - All rights reserved