Time's flowers

From baroque to Chick Corea: the magic colors of music."Timebandits is a proper name for someone that steals from our musical inheritage,but this two gentlemens steals with a certain style and elegance “. (Fortunecity)

Celtic Spell live

Pier Paderni  - Celtic Spell live in Sicily

Celtic Spell from Sicily Tour. Irish melodies on the path of Normans from Acireale to Enna tru Modica and Noto. Mike O' Callagan with his group Celtic Spell presents a series of traditional irish melodies and takes you into the magic color of this unique tradition. An exclusive selection of melodies performed live in the spell of Sicilian evenings by the sea.

Irish Oldies

Pier Paderni - Irish Oldies, Celtic Spell Live

Irish Oldies Live at concert season "Sabati Musicali" at Salone dei Frramenti of Novara. Susan Snowdon, Mike O'Callaghan, Pier Paderni and Andrea Ortu: the magic spell of Irish musical tradition. A collection of traditional melodies performed with simplicity and beauty in a very warm context.


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