Timebandits "Instant Creations"- full album



"Instant Creations" - paesaggi sonori di fantasia

ANDREA ORTU flauto traverso amplificato

PIER PADERNI tastiere elettroniche


"Gondolin Towers" - improvisation

"Beijing Summer Palace" - improvisation

"Scherzo #7 - dedicated to Chick Corea"  

"Valar" - improvisation

"Twilights on the lake" - improvisation

"Byzantine" - improvisation

"Cohesion" - improvisation

"Remembering" - improvisation

"Far away in Bagdad" - improvisation

"Bamboostream" - improvisation

"Andromeda's Winds" - improvisation

"Stella starlight" - improvisation


"A tale for Monica"

“ Pier Paderni and Andrea Ortu's CD "Instant Creations" creates a wonderful blend of improvised melodies and ambient backgrounds, evoking visionary soundscapes of fantasy and romanticism. The unhurried pace of the music transports the listener to a variety of emotional locations without becoming redundant or trite. The live unproduced quality of the recordings lends them an aura of authenticity and immediacy that is far too often missing from this kind of music.” (Chris Seeman)