Chick & Pier - "Andromeda Project" live improvisations










 Chick Corea & Pier Paderni - Andromeda Project Session

incontro tra due vecchi amici di lunga data. L'idea di fare quattro note in compagnia e così è nato, molto underground ed estemporaneo, Andromeda Project.

Una conversazione amichevole per il piacere di creare liberamente: tre brani  improvvisati e senza alcun modello prestabilito, altri amici - Galyle e Liana- si sono uniti all'happening nel terzo brano

CHICK COREA Piano Bosendorfer, Rhodes Piano e Yamaha Motif 8 Keyboard 

PIER PADERNI Piano Bosendorfer, Rhodes Piano e Yamaha Motif 8 Keyboard 

GAYLE MORAN Vocals  LIANA COREA Yamaha acoustic piano 

BERNIE KIRSH Sound engineer

© Corea/Paderni

"As music listeners we all too often set our bearings to a preconceived setting, a compass of sound, melody and rhythm familiar and expected. Much as in visual art when the already known and explored landscape and form carry meaning. And we grope for a novelty that we can point to and say how unique. We somehow want the different, but at the same time are reluctant to venture to far away from the boundaries we set as home. If art is to go somewhere then it must be free to travel. Likewise, if art is to transform and enlighten, the those who become the fortunate benefactors, must be willing travelers. Conventional, stylized productions of art no matter the genre have said at the gate the fence is as far as we go. After all, it's what is known and there's no risk of getting lost. But sadly, there's equally no gain of finding out. And there becomes no reason to dream. Praise to these adventurous musicians and to all artists who cast aside set rules of form and technique and dare to create beyond the gated fence. What results is not just a better cover or different arrangement, but what is extraordinary....that which exceeds far beyond the accepted order into new realms of being and existence. And for us, there is the adventure of the travel and just as these musicians set not even a key, we are given our natural liberty with it to dream." (Mr. Francis Don Daniels -poet and painter)

fron Chick to Pier
Chick Corea studio - preparing the session
Chick Corea studio - jamming free
Chick Corea studio - jamming free
Chick Corea studio - jamming free
Chick Corea studio - is nice to be here
Chick Corea studio - this Bosendorfer is magic!
Chick Corea studio - old friends in  play
Gayle Moran, Liana Corea, Chick Corea, Pier Paderni
Chick Corea, Gayle Moran, Pier Paderni
Chick Corea studio - a precious gift!
Chick Corea created this charming drawing
in Tortona  (Italy)
Stefano Bollani, Chick Corea, Pier Paderni
in Tortona  (Italy)
old friends
Chick  August 1979
Chick november 1979
Chick 1980
Chick after receiving our CD "Time's Deception"
Chick Christmas wishes 2001
Daniele Messina feed back