Harmoniuos Craftsmen




Operation of Creative Action did fill up out atheliers with set-decors, costumes, lights, sounds, words, music, plays, volumes, painting and drawing of forms: they all  tell the co-joining of many paths into the common desire to create and offer beauty and harmony. Harmoniuos Craftsmen met, free from any costriction or exterior necessity... gather  happily on the Elswhere... where the joy of creation joins the pleasure of play. Dreams and expectations did not need words, ... creation has been and still is the common word. Who are those "Harmoniuos Craftsmen"? Painters, musicians, set designers, illustrators, costumists and artisans: they come from different regions, different cultures, they don't care about skin color or faiths since the most important key is the need of dream and create beauty. Their first creations came up with the Arts Festivals  "Sui Sentieri della Fantasia" ("On the Paths of Fantasy") dedicated to J.R.R.Tolkien and the Blu Rider of W. Kandinsky e F. Marc, which took place in the summer '92 e '93, in the magic atmosphere of Monteisola, on Iseo Lake. Everthing since has become a great adventure. To create set-designs, concerts repertoires, drawings and paintings we did work hard not caring of the summer burning temperatures or common unpredictable that are part of any good adventure. The creations and works were the "artisans" and the easy way of cooperation has become a real test of "harmony" ". And here they are  the "Harmoniuos Craftsmen"...

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Domenico Franchi - Director of stage design
Andrea Ortu - from flute to the machine
Danilo Manenti - el maestro
Anna Bonzani - fist time with scenography
Andrea Ortu - harmoniuos carpenter
Silvia Leggio e "il Bowie" at work
Preparing the masques
Preparing the masques
Silvia Franchi - Preparing the masques
Marco Damiani - creating banners
Andrea Ortu & team - team action
Liz & team - working in team
Danilo Manenti & team - preparing the set
Pier Paderni - preparing the banner
Silvia Franchi & team - working on signs
Danilo e Luisa playing with masques
Il Magic Box close to the end
ready to paint
Coup de soleil per Danilo Manenti
Pier Paderni working at set
Section masques
around the masques
Danilo e Monica on the stage preparation
Pier working at graphics
Danilo e Andrea decorating
Stella Holy Stella
Danilo au claire
from flute to the cuttings
great spaces for big banners
Monica and artistic calliographi
Marco e Danilo cutting woods
Stella really at work
Bravo Marco, you progressing!
Stella working at design
the kids are alright
Stella and the costume
Tolkenian banner
Banners: Elves and Saruman
Tolkenians flags ready
colored banners
dressing come to readiness
Domenico Franchi. mock up for the throne of Raimbow King
Stella on graphics
Danilo and the golden leaves
big banner becoming ready
Marconi leading the game
Where are we?...
Domenico supervising the activity
Danilo final touch of the master
from lay out to the book
recicling artistically
trying the new boots
trying the new shoes
costumes ready
this one is for.....
"Does it fit?"
Andrea e Pier planning
Marco e Andrea doing a geographic survey
here it is!