6th Arts Festival “Cheerful Glance in Future”


la rep

"Cheerful Glance in Future"

2nd Hapening "Iseo Porte Aperte"- Iseo (BS) Aprile '97

6th Festival "Sui Sentieri della Fantasia" - Montisola (BS) Aug '97

Paintings exhibition:Domenico Franchi, Danilo Manenti, Pier Paderni, Andrea Ortu

Musical works by  Andrea Ortu e Pier Paderni, Timebandits project.

Musical Landscapers for photo projection - full extemporary music creations and magic of present time performing: Pier Paderni (keyboards Andrea Ortu (amplified flute)

Extemporary Musical Portraits:  (Pier Paderni at the piano)  and spiritual  (Danilo Manenti at the canvas)

pictures tell the story...


Monteisola...long time ago
Program '97
there we started
then we wnt in colors
and told tales
while flying
over the Fantasy island
now we clean the debris
exhibition at Portico Archetti '97
heroic resistance
we'll never give up...