2nd Arts Festival “Echoes from Kandinsky, Marc and Tolkien”


Kandinsky a

 "Echoes from Kandinsky, Marc e Tolkien"

Happening  Exhibition Galleria Marconi 10- Oleggio (NO), June '93

"19th Fancom" - San Marino, May '93

2nd  Arts Festival "Sui Sentieri della Fantasia" - Montisola (BS,) August '93

Arts Festival International - East Grinstead (UK), August '93

Almanacco: "Risonanze da Kandinsky, Marc e Tolkien"- 45 pages: essay, poethry, biography, drawings,pictures and the orignal Manifesto of Associazione d'Arte Orizzonti Aperti. Covers of Almanacco are unique drawings from Orizzonti Aperti artists. Paintings Exhibition: Giovanni Franchi,Domenico Franchi,Danilo Manenti, Maura Boldi, Pier Paderni, Ermanno Bombardelli, Stella Saglimbeni

pictures tell the story...


2nd Arts Festival - program
The Blu Rider
2nd Arts Festival - program
two boats!
sailing to Monteisola
more and more closer
swinging of colors on the lake
where do they come from??
now we disembark
color on the shore
the Blu Rider on sail
triumph of colors
magic of colors
melting with the blu
Kandinsky Messengers
coming across the streets of Montisola
towards the Portico Archetti
Edoardo Sbaffi
Roberta Nozza
who wouldn't?
Monica Malzani
Danilo Manenti &..
Stella Saglimbeni
Silvia Franchi
the magic team
official opening of Arts Exhibition
from texts of Kandinsky
our epic flag
happy and color costumes
is there!
the paintings in transparence
opening of the Arts Exhibition
what a view!
full house exhibition
dreaming set
public invading arts exhibition
colored spaces
paintings &...Monica
Pier, smoking his....
Manifesto of Associazione d' Arte Orizzonti Aperti
creative children's extemporary show
Danilo in extemporary painting
2nd Arts  Festival Almanacco
Giovanni in extemporary
Andrea reading Kandinsky
Pedersoli, guitarist
Duo Jedlowsky - Ballabio
Duo Paderni - Sbaffi
Duo Sbaffi - Leggio
Trio Elf
Marco & Pier in revival
Timebandits in concert
Duo Ortu - Jedlowsky
Orpheus Rock Band (2nd edition)
Mike O'Callaghan
Orpheus Rock Band (2nd edition)
CD Irish Oldies
Carla & Danilo
CD Irish Oldies
Orpheus (3rd edition)
Polvere & Diamanti
Pier solo
Saturday Evening Concerts - Atelier Franchi
free roaming
Saturday Evening Concerts - Atelier Franchi