Hobbiton - J.R.R.Tolkien in Italy




"Hobbiton I°" - San Marino  Giugno '94

"Reperti di viaggi " - J.R.R. Tolkien Happening

"Hobbiton II°" - Tolmezzo di Carnia (UD)  Aprile '95

Two extraordinary meeting in the fantastic and magic world of  J.R.R. Tolkien with his national and international followers. Two evocative scenery, San Marino and Tolmezzo, enriched by the creativity of the Orizzonti Aperti artists in exhibitions, showing and concerts. Always alive the spell of early '70s  from the absolute masterwork of Tolkien that has been for many, me included, an epic guide on the sunny  and dusty roads of Far East in times of great expectations... a well deserved acknowledgement to the power of  J.R.R. Tolkien universe and message. 

The Live Concert of Timebandits at Hobbiton now download on web:https://itunes.apple.com/it/album/id732800427?affId=1108120 


Log Tolk

pictures tell the story...bilogo


what does the picture say??
"here we are" !
we: the Artists of Orizzonti Aperti
from the square
appearing on the walls
descending in town
with araldic
and costumes
Carla Ricotti...a magic elf
Carla Ricotti - The president of Int Tolkien Society -  Edorado Sbaffi
for a lady, this and far more
getting out of the gates
Andrea Ortu & Pier Paderni... live in the square
Carla Ricotti...magic beauty
exhibition of our art works
where the inspiration?
Frammenti di Andomeda...paintings on cristal
Teatro Titano - San Marino...set design by Domenico Franchi
the stage
Gandalf with us
Pier Paderni & Andrea Ortu in concert
G. Franco De Turris posing with the copy of  Re Arcobaleno
the Fellowship in full
could they ignore us?
thanks....we feel honored!
could they ignore us?
could they ignore us?
the road goes on....
could they ignore us?
cover in lather and handpainted by Pier Paderni -I ndia '72
for my travel in India (1972-1973)
with authentic seal
and foreword...very appropriate
copy of Pier Paderni...beautifully magic
Pier Paderni - travel diary of Afganistan (1973)
estetically rare
calligraficamente unico
Pier Paderni - travel diary to Anjuna (Goa - India, 1972-73)
from the Anjuna diary
from the Anjuna diary
from the Anjuna diary
Pier Paderni -  Goa  book (1972-73)
from  Goa book
Gandalf...was there
announcing the fest of Tolmezzo di Carnia...
the date is establisheda
program is ready
and we arrive
in full condition
we act incredibly
the whole live concert is recorded
...Edoardo Sbaffi & Carla Ricotti...
rare, very rare, absolutely rare....Unique!