1th Arts Festival “Anniversary of J.R.R. Tolkien birth”


cov 92

"Birth Anniversary  of  J.R.R. Tolkien "

1Th Arts Festival "Sui Sentieri della Fantasia"- Montisola (BS) August '92

Exibition "Casa degli artisti" - Tenno (TN) September '92

Almanacco: "Scritti di J.R.R. Tolkien, estetica e arte" with the original manifesto of Associazione d'Arte Orizzonti Aperti, 31 pag - short essay, drawings in black and white. The covers of the Almanacco were painted extemporarly by Orizzonti Aperti artists.

Paintings Exhibition: Giovanni Franchi, Domenico Franchi, Danilo Manenti, Maura Boldi, Pier Paderni, Ermanno Bombardelli e Carla Ricotti.


pictures tell the story...
Monteisola the pearl of Lago d'Iseo
a possible gate to it
or from here
in the calm silent afternoon of august
a project
who knows about it?
surprise... is it a dream?
and Arts Festival Sui Sentieri della Fantasia
a true tale
close to the edge
On the Paths of Fantasy
here they are
they are the roamers
the artists of Orizzonti Aperti
to tell you
and share
creative messages
and magic moments
here, at the Portico Archetti
in the mid of flowers
the arts exhibition
dedicated  J.R.R. Tolkien
tree evocative works
and reperts inspired toTolkien
public to the arts exhibition
public to the arts exhibition
actually a daily invasion of public
historical, emblematic,enigmatic
our task, to be foolish
proud to be there
Andrea Ortu in solo
tree, always far out
inside that light
the magic of evenings at Archetti
recalling lost times
Duo Jedlowsky Ortu
concert on the square
Salterio, traditional dancing in the square
magic musicians
Trio Elf
Silvia Leggio in  concert
reading poems with music
Portico Archetti... evening happening
Edoardo Sbaffi solo
Polvere e Diamanti in concerto
Telemann in progress
Orpheus live at Iseo main square
the symbol
painted cover of Alamanacco
to the next year?....
Mr. Giorgio Graesan,the gentle wing of help